Lifestyle Wellness Center

Wellness Data Center

We are bringing to the market a comprehensive health and wellness membership crafted to promote the most balanced platform of existence imaginable. Connected by a shared data center platform, members experience integrative medicine, regenerative spa appointments, workouts at our state-of-the-art gym and balanced nutrition at our farm to table restaurant. Our wellness team will track over time your evolution of health, and design personalized health programming reflective of your dynamic state of well-being.  

Wellness programs are designed specifically for you and evolve over time. Our wellness team is connected through an encrypted data center, where advanced health insights are generated from wearables, test results, wellness visits, and nutrition consumed at our food & beverage venues. Everyday personalized wellness insights are provided on our wellness app.  

Farm Fresh Dining

Personalized nutritional regimes are crafted to optimize your state of well-being. We grow and serve highly nutrient dense food through our grab and go, causal dining, and food delivery platforms. 

Integrative Wellness

We offer robust wellness programs with doctors and integrative practitioners that work together to discover the details of your health, which are used to cultivate personalized wellness programs. Practitioners include integrative doctors, osteopaths, naturopaths, psychologists, energy healers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and more. 

Spa & Beauty

Our massage therapists and estheticians work collaboratively with the integrative wellness practitioners to harmonize neuromuscular imbalances and skin conditions respectively. Our high end salon features natural options for hair and nail care.  


Our Wellness Institute features the ArcLinea Culinary Institute &  Urban Farm Institute. We also offer seminars, programs, and certificates in lifestyle wellness for professional and community members. 

Lifestyle Fitness

Personalized fitness programs at our state of the art Technogym Fitness Center address all aspects of performance including energy levels, recovery, nutrition, injury risk, strength, power, endurance, sleep, and mental preparedness. Membership includes unlimited fitness classes including yoga, cycle, and Club 4.0. 

Community Wellness Centers